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Pleasant Hill Office
Holistic Health Therapy and Education
~ Welcome ~

Holistic Health
Therapist and Educator

Ashley Redford

♦Offering solutions-based counseling/coaching for wellness, stress management, women going through divorce, and nutrition

♦Therapeutic Bodywork specializing in pain management, injury rehabilitation, relaxation, aging challenges, and ongoing maintenance

♦Private instruction is available for individuals, couples and groups with Point Release Technique, StretchFit, Therapeutic Stretching, Acupressure/Therapeutic Massage, and
beginning Yang Tai Chi

I have been in practice since 1998
and have taught at various schools/facilities, such as,
Kaiser Permanente, Acupressure Institute,
McKinnon School of Massage, Yoga and Movement Center, and my wellness center,
East~West Somatherapy.

You can review some of these locations
on my LinkedIn page.

Holistic Health is a wonderful adjunct approach to
allopathic medicine and a lifestyle that can easily be
adopted to begin a journey of healthy living.

Please check out the site and contact me with
any feedback or questions.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


♥ Ashley ♥

One of my Heart Rock photographs from Muir Beach

Schedule Your
Appointment/Class Today!
Don't put wellness off any longer. Call today and allow me to share the countless benefits of Holistic Health. To learn how to schedule your session today, click here.

Teaching Partnered Stretching at White Magnolia
School of Tai Chi in Kensington, Ca.

Additional Resources
I have Boards on Pinterest for individuals who
want to have easy access to stretches, pain management solutions, effective exercises, nutrition suggestions, and various "fitness" strategies for the mind, body, and spirit. Feel free to check out my site...log onto Pinterest, type in "Ashley Redford," make sure you are looking for "pinners," and not pins or boards. When you see the picture of me stretching with a student, click on that photograph and my site should come up. Contact me if you have any difficulties.

The boards are recommendations based upon my training and experience working successfully with clients and students over the past 14 years. My recommendations are not to replace any medical interventions. If you have suggestions for a board, please let me know. I will be continuing to grow the site so check back or "follow" my site for updates.

YOUTUBE/GOOGLE+/TWITTER/BLOGSPOTI have uploaded my new 6-way neck stretch to YouTube, as well as my Google+. This is a new venture for me and the video is quite amateur, but the stretch sequence itself is very effective, so give it a try. I am excited to offer videos that will benefit your health and aging. Stay tuned!

I have posted more info and photos on Google + and Twitter as well as new articles I am writing on pain management and the point release technique on my "pointreleasetechnique.blogspot.com" site. If you find them to be helpful, share them with your friends and family so they can get the benefits as well.

I take photographs and put scriptures on them as a devotional practice. If you are interested in photographs with scripture, you can go to www.wordofgodphoto.blogspot.com and share them with your friends and family.

I want to thank all of the students who attended the summer workshops. I hope everyone is practicing the stretches and therapeutic techniques to improve function and fitness. I will post upcoming workshops as time permits. Stay well!

Couple from my Partner Up! Neck and Shoulder Release and Foot Reflexology workshop

Map & Directions
Need a map and/or directions to my office? Check out